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top 3 tours
Iran Classic Tour-8 Days

Joint Tour of Iran & Dubai-12 Days
Silk road Tour-15 Days

Ali Sadr Cave

T he Alisadr Caves are located about 75 kilometers north of Hamedan. After one in the USA and one in Indonesia, it is the largest cave in the world. And according to our guide, the one in America doesn't have water in it, so that one doesn't count. Because there is water in the caves, the tour is by boat. These boats are pulled by water cycles. Of all the surprises we had in Iran, the idea of water pedaling was probably the least expected.Almost at the beginning of our tour, we saw a picture of Khomeini hidden between the rocks. We expected there would be more, so we started looking for them, but it was the only one we discovered.



For muscle-power, the guide asked for a volunteer. Because these water cycles are very small, Pieter was the only one who was small enough to fit. He still claims pulling 7 boats was an easy job. Liar!
In the caves, there are of course a lot of stalactites and stalagmites. Erosion by the water, that sometimes had a higher level, has created some strange effects.
Halfway of the tour we could get out of the boat and do a bit of walking on one of the so-called islands. The cave reaches a height of 40 meters here and looks absolutely fabulous.
Then, we go back into the boats. We take a different route and see many other spectacular rock-formations.


Iran Attraction


Shiraz, the provincial capital of Fars, is known as the cultural capital of Iran, and the "City of roses and poets". This city is known for its heavenly gardens, eloquent poets, pleasant weather and easy-going people. It is the heart of Iran’s history .



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With its wind-catchers, cellars, mosques, and excellent range of traditional and modern accommodation options, Yazd is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran. Wedged between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and southern Dasht-e Lut, this city is a right place for desert photographers .


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Isfahan is located on the main north–south and east–west routes crossing Iran, and was once one of the largest cities in the world. The city has a wide variety of historic monuments and is known for the paintings, history and architecture.



Tehran, is the capital of Iran, and the largest town in Western Asia. The city is home to many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples. However, modern structures, notably Azadi (Freedom) Tower and the Milad Tower, have come to symbolize the city.

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