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top 3 tours
Iran Classic Tour-8 Days

Joint Tour of Iran & Dubai-12 Days
Silk road Tour-15 Days


Khuzestan The area covers southern Iran from Khorramshahr and Abadan in the southwestern to Bandar Abbas in the southern Iran. The three coastal provinces-Hormozgan, Bushehr, and Khuzestan- are hot and humid all year round. The only truly pleasant time to visit them is November to March. Abadan and Khorramshahr which were ag big industrial and commercial centers of Iran due to oil explorations as from early 20th century, are now under total reconstruction after Iran-Iraq War. At present the center of activity has shifted to the Province of Hormozgan, mainly around Bandar Abbas, in Kish and Qeshm Islands out of 14 large, inhabited and interesting Iranian islands.



The indigenous people of the Iranian shores of the Persian Gulf are often loosely known as Bandaris, from the Persian word of Bandar for port. Of Arab, Negro, or mixed stock, the Bandaris are darker skinned than the Persians. Because of the excessive heat in the Persian Gulf region, the siesta is taken very seriously here, even in winter, and very little except public transport functions between noon and late afternoon. Offices and shops close throughout the afternoon and reopen for a few hours at about 5 or 6 p.m. Despite being largely desert, semi-desert or mountainous, limes and other citrus fruits, cotton, tobacco, and dates are grown. in the region.

Iran Attraction


Shiraz, the provincial capital of Fars, is known as the cultural capital of Iran, and the "City of roses and poets". This city is known for its heavenly gardens, eloquent poets, pleasant weather and easy-going people. It is the heart of Iran’s history .



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With its wind-catchers, cellars, mosques, and excellent range of traditional and modern accommodation options, Yazd is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran. Wedged between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and southern Dasht-e Lut, this city is a right place for desert photographers .


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Isfahan is located on the main north–south and east–west routes crossing Iran, and was once one of the largest cities in the world. The city has a wide variety of historic monuments and is known for the paintings, history and architecture.



Tehran, is the capital of Iran, and the largest town in Western Asia. The city is home to many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples. However, modern structures, notably Azadi (Freedom) Tower and the Milad Tower, have come to symbolize the city.

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